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"Speak Life to Your Emotional Baggage, Chains & Brokenness, Believing Your Healing is Taking place. Speak Life!!!”


Lekya (center) with family support at Buffalo on the Rise Event.

Lekya Slaughter

Motivational Speaker, Author, Educator, Christian Family Relationship Coach

Lekya Slaughter, founder & owner of Speaking to the Heart of the Hurting, has 20 plus years of experience within the human service and education field. Lekya is a Graduate from SUNY Buffalo State College, receiving her Bachelor of Science in Sociology and Social Welfare Minor. She later received her Masters of Multidisciplinary Studies in Human Service Administration from Buffalo State College and has completed courses at the University of North Carolina Charlotte for Certification In General Curriculum and Special Education.

As an author, speaker, educator and coach, Lekya envisions families who are healthy and whole and with every interaction, she works to make that vision a reality. 

Her professional work experience has afforded her the opportunity to serve as an Educator teaching in the general and special education student population. As well as facilitating adult , teen parent  and youth workshops,She has also worked with students in the local community by way of the Boys & Girls Clubs, as well as group homes, detention centers, and community centers. Working in the Human Service Sector she often and primarily assisted and served clients with limited income or those who may be receiving social service assistance, food stamps, and community resources. 

Lekya created a business that breaks down the barriers of access for help and motivation. regardless of demographics The products and services Speaking to the Heart of the Hurting have created will allow her to pour, empower, and instill motivation to excel in all facets of their life.

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